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At MW Seeds we strive to be a part of your operation and your community.  We value our customers as partners in our business.  Our legacy is to ensure long term success not only for MW Seeds but for our customers family farms as well.

MW History


MW Seeds was formed in 2007 by Craig McManus and Jason Woods.  With over 60 years of knowledge in the seed industry MW Seeds was formed.   

Our Team


Craig McManus , Owner 517.204.3545

Jason Woods, Owner,  517.206.3735

Brian Armstead, Director of Operations 517.605.9184

Justin Shumaker. Product Manager, 517.749.3599



Coming January 1!

No time like the beginning of the year to start new! Starting this upcoming year we will be sharing the stories and testimonies from the farmers and workers who make up M&W Seeds on here and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

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